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Leaving Cert English is a comprehensive examination that assesses students in various language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The curriculum covers a wide range of literary genres, including poetry, prose, drama, and media studies. Students are required to analyze and interpret texts, develop critical thinking skills, and express their ideas coherently in both written and oral form.

Key Components:

  1. Poetry: Students study a selection of poems by renowned poets and are expected to analyze the themes, style, and literary techniques used in these poems.
  2. Prose: The curriculum includes the study of novels, short stories, and autobiographies, where students examine character development, plot, and narrative techniques.
  3. Drama: Students explore plays by Irish and international playwrights, focusing on character analysis, dramatic techniques, and the social and cultural context of the plays.
  4. Comparative Study: This involves comparing and contrasting different texts, such as novels and films, to develop a deeper understanding of literary and cinematic techniques.
  5. Comprehension: Students are assessed on their ability to comprehend and analyze unseen texts, including newspaper articles, essays, and literary excerpts.
  6. Creative Writing: The examination includes a creative writing component, where students have the opportunity to showcase their imaginative writing skills through short stories, essays, or speeches.


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